Liberals announce proposals to amend Bill C-32

The Liberal Party announced today a proposal to amend Bill C-32.

It intends to introduce a new Private Copying Compensation Payment of $35 million to be transferred to Canadian artists each year through the CPCC.

The Liberal Party also announced it intends to amend C-32 in order to:

“Restrict the education exemption by clearly defining “education” and inserting a clear and strict test for “fair” use for education purposes;

Re-insert the right of ephemeral recordings;

Restrict and tighten the language for “mash-ups”;

Remove the arbitrary 1988 statute on public expositions;
Introduce a new resale right on art, similar to European laws;

Ensure the rights of Canadian photographers are comparable to those shared by photographers around the world; and

Address the overly-restrictive digital lock provisions for personal uses.”

For more information about the Copyright Modernization Act or Bill C-11 or copyright reform, see Change and the Copyright Modernization Act.


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