Canada is market for TPM trafficking and bittorrent indexing sites says USTR report

December 23rd, 2011 by Barry Sookman Leave a reply »

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) issued a Special 301 Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets. In the review, the USTR identified markets that typify the problem of marketplaces that deal in goods and services that infringe on intellectual property rights and help to sustain global piracy and counterfeiting. Canada was listed in several of these markets.

According to the USTR “The scale and popularity of these markets can cause economic harm to U.S. and other IP right holders.  In addition, products sold at these markets may pose possible health and safety risks to consumers.”

We were recognized in the following markets:

B2B and B2C and Consolesource:  Both sites, reportedly based in Canada, allegedly sell circumvention devices and components used to circumvent technological protection measures on game consoles.

These are the type of sites and services the TPM anti-trafficking prohibitions in Bill C-11 are intended to address.

BitTorrent Indexing

IsoHunt:  Canada-based IsoHunt is one of the largest BitTorrent indexes in the world, ranking among the top 300 websites in global traffic and among the top 600 in U.S. traffic, according to  At least one U.S. court has found liability in cases involving IsoHunt. (formerly kickasstorrents):  Another popular indexing site, this site, which reportedly is based in Canada, Ukraine and Romania, is notable for its commercial look and feel.  The site is currently ranked by among the 320 most visited sites in the world. (formerly  This site, which reportedly is based in Canada, Panama and Switzerland, is a major aggregator of torrents from other BitTorrent sites, and currently ranks among the top 150 sites in the world.

These are the types of sites the new enabling provision in Bill C-11 is intended to address.

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