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SOCAN sued for $15 million refund of ringtones paymentsSOCAN sued for $15 million refund of ringtones payments

Yesterday, Rogers, Telus, Bell and Quebecor commenced an action against the copyright collective SOCAN. In the Federal Court suit Canada’s leading carriers are claiming a refund of all royalties paid to SOCAN under its Tariff 24 (Ringtone) tariffs since November, 2006.

SOCAN’s Ringtone tariffs claimed royalties from mobile service providers which sold ringtones (short excerpts of music works used to indicate incoming calls or text messages on mobile devices) and transmitted them to customers. SOCAN claimed those downloads were communications to the public by telecommunication under Section 3(1)(f) of the Copyright Act,  a right administered by SOCAN.…

Copyright Board values music used in online music servicesCopyright Board values music used in online music services

Did you ever wonder what online music services like iTunes, Slacker, Rdio, Zik, and Songza pay for the music they use? On Friday, the Copyright Board released its decision in the SOCAN 22.A and CSI Online Music Services tariffs. The tariffs establish rates that music services must pay to music publishers for the communication to the public and reproduction rights in musical works for services that offer the following types of online music services:

  • Permanent downloads – a service that sells and distributes copies of sound recordings of musical works to a device such as a computer, cell phone, Smartphone, or iPod.