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Evaluating the Industry Canada CASL regulations: how to assess themEvaluating the Industry Canada CASL regulations: how to assess them

In a previous post,Evaluating the Industry Canada CASL regulations: why they are needed, I suggested thatclose scrutiny needs to be given toIndustry Canada’s new draft Electronic Commerce Protection Regulations. CASL’s “ban all” structure makes it imperative that regulations be adopted to ensure that the goal’s of Canada’s new anti-spam/anti-malware/spyware law (CASL) are met. Their adequacy and appropriateness should be measured against these and other generally recognized objectives. In this post I propose to lay out the framework for assessing the regulations.…

Industry Canada CASL regulations comingIndustry Canada CASL regulations coming

Andre Leduc of Industry Canada gave a talk yesterday to the Council of Chief Privacy Officers at a Webinar organized by the Conference Board of Canada on the status of Canada’s anti-spam law, CASL. Andre Leduc is a Senior Policy Advisor (Spam, Cryptography and Cybercrime) with Industry Canada and was one of the architects of CASL. He has also been integrally involved in developing the Industry Canada regulations.

Andre Leduc said that CASL is likely to come into force in late 2013 at the earliest and June or July 2014, at the latest.