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University course packs going digitalUniversity course packs going digital

There has been a lot of debate recently concerning how universities should access and pay for content used for teaching purposes. Some, like Michael Geist, have argued that universities should forgo collective licensing from Access Copyright in favor of other “alternatives”.

Earlier this week, Metro Morning interviewed Jesse Hirsh on this topic. Check out the interview. Here’s a bit of what Jesse Hirsh had to say:

MATT GALLOWAY: What sort of copyright issues do digital course packs present?

JESSE HIRSH: Oh this all comes down to the resilience of the photocopier that has been a key ingredient of allowing universities to keep up in the era of the web.

Digital Copying and Libraries: Copyright and Licensing ConsiderationsDigital Copying and Libraries: Copyright and Licensing Considerations

The following article is an electronic version of an article published in the February 2010 issue of Feliciter.

Digital technologies are changing how libraries make available books, articles and other works to the public. There is clear demand for these services, and they provide unprecedented benefits to both libraries and their patrons.

However, librarians should be aware that the uses of digital media, such as books or articles in electronic form, e-books and audio books, raise legal issues that do not arise with making available traditional printed materials.