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Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-18Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-18

Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-17Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-17

  • SODRAC and IEGOR-Hotel des Encans Enter Into a Copyright Agreement, http://ow.ly/MFgH #
  • EC drops Microsoft browser probe, http://ow.ly/MFo2 #
  • Record-store owner pleads guilty to Copyright Act charge over bootleg CDs, http://ow.ly/MFke #
  • Claim for declaration of ownership in commissioned software dismissed by UK court, Infection Control v Virrage Industries, [2009] EWHC 2602 #
  • Chinese Author Sues Google Over Book Scanning – PC World, http://ow.ly/MFc4 #
  • IT experts call for crackdown on copyright piracy http://ow.ly/MFeQ #
  • NLA got aggregator to remove newspaper links http://ow.ly/MFlJ

Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-16Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-16

  • Alain Strowel's article on graduated response in the WIPO Journal is a must read, http://ow.ly/Mjgv #
  • Patent pooling deal to reduce costs of AIDS drugs http://ow.ly/MiYW #
  • RT @bensheffner: Biden at White House anti-piracy summit: "They're stealing it. It offends me." http://bit.ly/75tnh5 (via @wsj) #
  • Who owns digital rights in books?, http://ow.ly/Mu03 #
  • Record label attempts to make Google and Microsoft liable for linked-to infringements, http://ow.ly/Muqn #
  • Making Legal Easier and Illegal Harder, http://ow.ly/MugY #
  • An Act to amend the (Canada) Criminal Code (identity theft and related misconduct) to come into force on January 8, 2010, P.C.

Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-15Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-15

  • Web “a breeding ground for disinformation” and the Internet “a danger for democracy”? “Caught in Web of faux pas”, National Post 12/14/09 #
  • EU ratifies WIPO Treaties to bring “protection up to speed with modern technologies” and to protect creative industries. http://ow.ly/LWML #
  • Google’s books: a Special Relationship with copyright, http://ow.ly/LZmJ #
  • US Supreme Court to hear text-message privacy case http://ow.ly/M1d8 #
  • EU ratification of WIPO treaties “will positively influence the development of creativity within the digital environment”. http://ow.ly/M1FD #
  • RT @copycense: Bridgeport: 6th Circuit affirms no fair use or de minimis for sampling  http://bit.ly/1KgrvW

Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-14Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-14

  • China’s broadcasting watchdog urges BT web sites to solve copyright problems – Xinhua http://ow.ly/LlSX #
  • Apple Says Audiobooks Must Have DRM http://ow.ly/LlTI #
  • US court finds claim for conversion of software preempted by Copyright Act, Harris v. Lexjet Corp., 2009 WL 4683699 #
  • UK court dismisses patent suit for home gaming system finding it obvious and not patentable, Cranway Ltd v Playtech Ltd http://ow.ly/LzHW #
  • US court finds sale of counterfeit goods on eBay violate counterfeiting and infringement laws, Tommy Bahama v.