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Canadian Patent Office allows Amazon.com’s “one-click” patentCanadian Patent Office allows Amazon.com’s “one-click” patent

Last month the Federal Court of Appeal issued its reasons in the Amazon.com “one-click” patent case. Since the Court of Appeal directed the Commissioner to revisit Amazon.com’s application, it was not clear whether or not the patent was eligible subject matter.[1] The decision of the Court of Appeal left many questions unanswered.

It appears that the Patent Office has now determined that Amazon.com’s patent application,  “Method and System For Placing A Purchase Order Via A Communication Network” (Canadian Patent Application No.…

Amazon files brief to Federal Court of Appeal in the one-click patent caseAmazon files brief to Federal Court of Appeal in the one-click patent case

Amazon filed its responding brief in the “one click” patent appeal. As Amazon notes, “The Appeal  raises  issues  fundamental  to  the  Canadian  patent  system:  (i)  the  proper approach to patent claims construction, and (ii) the scope of  patentable subject matter in Canada.”

The appeal arises out of Amazon’s application for a patent for an invention entitled “Method and System  for  Placing  a  Purchase  Order  Via  a  Communications  Network”. The  application  relates  to  a  communications network based method and  system for  placing an  order and, more particularly, to  a method and system for purchasing and ordering items over the Internet.…