Computer and Internet Weekly Updates for 2020-03-28

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Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-29Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-29

New post: Toying with funny math to downplay Canada’s role as a piracy haven ( # RT @michaelgeist: The year in technology law and policy: My annual A (ACTA) to Z (Zoocasa) review. # NY Times Declares 2010 “The Year Of The Tablet” – iSmashPhone (blog) # China ...

Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2011-04-01Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2011-04-01

Music alive and well… business needs work # Google announces independent privacy review # Microsoft Accusing Google of Antitrust Violations # McAfee hackers break U.S. law, vow to continue doing so # LinkedIn Founder: “Web 3.0″ Will Be About Data # RIM taps Polar Mobile ...

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