Computer and Internet Weekly Updates for 2020-01-11

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Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2015-02-24Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2015-02-24

Discovery of social media and CPU evidence refused in slip and fall case Merpaw v. Hyde, 2015 ONSC 1053 -> Anton Piller order issued in trade secret case, TSI International Group Inc. v. Formosa, 2015 ONSC 1138 -> Ask the Experts: Why email marketing still pays off | ...

Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2012-07-06Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2012-07-06

ECJ UsedSoft ruling: exhaustion rules okay # Paper reveals NZ copyright advice # In Supreme Court Filing, Libraries Say Decision in Wiley Suit Threatens Lending Rights # Dutch cabinet discusses future of private copying levy # Standard contracts increase with cloud products' maturity # Welcome ...

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