Internet and Technology: New Regulatory Paradigms

I was pleased to speak earlier today at the McCarthy Tétrault  8th Annual Technology Law Innovation Summit. My topic was Internet and Technology: New Regulatory Paradigms. A copy of my slides are set out below.

Barry Sookman 8th_Annual_Technology_Law_Innovation_Summit_Slides


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One thought on “Internet and Technology: New Regulatory Paradigms”

  1. Micheal says:

    We have a tendency to blame the Internet, computers and technology for many of our problems. However it is nit strictly true. While computers and the net generally have been used for Identity theft, many and varied scams such as fake viruses to get our money, credit card fraud and much more, the computer is not to blame. Whatever technology man creates ultimately man will abuse and misuse it. Lasers can be used for delicate eye surgery, or robbing safes. Even airliners have been used by terrorists. We should blame man, not his inventions.

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