Computer and Internet Weekly Updates for 2018-01-27

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Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2011-04-07Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2011-04-07

US court grants injunction under DMCA to prevent circumvention of TPM protecting multiplayer game # Court sides with Righthaven finding personal jurisdiction in copyright claim from posting of article on message forum # US court allows publisher's copyright claim against Georgia State for electronically distributing materials to continue ...

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-09-08Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-09-08

Oliver Sacks & music: On brainworms, hallucinations and sonic overload -> Canada must step up its game on innovation: Editorial | The Toronto Star -> Google was processing 23 copyright takedowns a second last month -> Kim Dotcom Seeks Delay of 10th Scheduled Extradition Hearing -> ...

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