Computer and Internet Updates for 2017-06-27

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Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-18Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-18

UK releases Digital Britain Implementation Update, # Why The 'Music As Free' Argument Just Doesn't Hold Water,, @ # uTorrent Adds Video Streaming Support, # Facebook sues social network spammers, Alert Print Post comment Alleged anti-social behaviour provokes lawsuit, # WIPO Draft On Visually Impaired ...

Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2013-07-08Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2013-07-08

New law restricts employers’ requests for social media info -> Supreme Court modifies conflicts of interest rules for lawyers -> Russia starts up new IP court -> The first arrest filmed on Google Glass? – what's next? -> Facebook Patents Point To An All-Seeing, All-Hearing Instagram ...

Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2012-05-02Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2012-05-02

Claim for breach of DMCA dismissed in Ouellette v. VIACOM INTERNATIONAL, INC., Dist. Court, D. Montana 2012 # Google sued by shareholder in bid to block stock split plan # U.S. puts Canada on 'priority watch list' for copyright piracy # Microsoft buys into e-reader market ...

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