Computer and Internet Updates for 2016-04-27

  • Poloz urges support for TPP and Canada-Europe trade deals ->
  • House Judiciary Committee Approves Email Privacy Act ->
  • Moral Rights in the U.S. ->
  • A Prank Too Far: Is Google Liable for the Fallout of an Ill-Conceived Prank? ->
  • European Court rules on copyright jurisdiction and private copying ->
  • Pirates Switch From Torrents to Streaming and Download Sites ->
  • Panama Papers graph database cracked open for world+dog ->
  • Sourcing cycling data from the private sector: Some questions about data analytics and city planning ->
  • ONSC affirms damages award for “friend’s” leak of work schedule ->
  • Separating Fact from Fiction in the Notice and Takedown Debate ->
  • Standard of review of administrative action: coherence post-Dunsmuir? ->
  • Computer and Internet Updates for 2016-04-26 ->
  • New Zealand term extension estimate clearly inaccurate says study ->
  • $1 damages awarded for breach of confidence Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. v Schad, 2016 ONSC 2297 ->
  • MPA: No single tool to fix piracy ->
  • Mississippi Attorney General Withdraws Google Subpoena ->
  • Ready, set, litigate: Judge sets time limits for Oracle v. Google rematch – do US rules violate natural justice principles? ->
  • Data breaches are taking longer to identify, says report ->
  • Website can use DMCA safe harbor for acts of its independent contractors ->
  • Investment Disputes: The Mesa Power Case and What It Says ->
  • Copyright Law Developments Of 2015 – Intellectual Property ->
  • U.S. keeps China, India on intellectual property shame list ->
  • Federal Cause of Action for Trade Secret Misappropriation ->
  • Court doesn't enforce website terms, RESORB NETWORKS, INC. v. YouNOW. COM, 2016 NY Slip Op 26112 ->
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