CASL is a bad law

CASL is a bad law and cannot reasonably be justified on any basis. On that issue, I recommend you read a feature article in the Financial Post today The great anti-spam cash grab. Here are a few choice extracts from the article.

CASL is a bad law. It offers no benefit to consumers, yet imposes red tape and additional costs on businesses. Worse still, it reduces competition, actually harming consumers. Finally, it is inconsistent with Canada’s free market economy and very likely unconstitutional…

CASL cannot work. It is incapable of stopping most spam…

Meanwhile, CASL imposes large costs on businesses…

CASL doesn’t just impose costs on individual businesses. It actually harms competition..

CASL negatives the very existence of constitutional right to free speech of a commercial nature on both a large and small scale. Under CASL, commercial speech – which is defined very broadly – is only allowed to the extent that the government permits it.

For more information about CASL, see, CASL: the unofficial FAQ, regulatory impact statement, and compliance guidelineMichael Geist’s defense of Canada’s indefensible anti-spam law CASL.

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