Day: May 7, 2015

Budget Bill with copyright amendments tabled in House of CommonsBudget Bill with copyright amendments tabled in House of Commons

The Government tabled legislation in Parliament today to implement certain provisions of the budget. The Bill summarizes the following key legislative provisions of interest to readers of this blog as follows:

  • amends the Copyright Act to extend the term of copyright protection for a published sound recording and a performer’s performance fixed in a published sound recording from 50 years to 70 years after publication; it caps the term at 100 years after the first fixation of, respectively, the sound recording or the performer’s performance in a sound recording;
  • amends the Industrial Design Act, the Patent Act and the Trade-marks Act to, among other things, provide for extensions of time limits in unforeseen circumstances and provide the authority to make regulations respecting the correction of obvious errors;
  • amends the Patent Act and the Trade-marks Act to protect communications between patent or trademark agents and their clients in the same way as communications that are subject to solicitor-client privilege;
  • amends the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act to extend the application of that Act to the World Anti-Doping Agency in respect of Personal information that the organization collects, uses or discloses in the course of its interprovincial or international activities.

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