Day: July 8, 2014

CASL: myths about Canada’s anti-spam lawCASL: myths about Canada’s anti-spam law

The Government just revised the website. The site now has more information about CASL and how it will be enforced. In addition, and likely because of the heavy criticisms of CASL, the site purports to clarify some “myths” about CASL.

The new website does give facts about CASL, although they are incomplete. Some of the so called myths about CASL are more fact than myths. For example:

MYTH: I won’t be able to use email or my current email list to promote my products and services.

Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2014-07-07Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2014-07-07

  • Trade secret claims against Manitoba Hydro dismissed THE A STAR GROUP, INC. v. MANITOBA HYDRO SD New York 2014 ->
  • No reasonable expectation of privacy in IP address US v. Hagood, ND California 2014 ->
  • Browse wrap agreement not enforced Tompkins v. 23andMe, INC., ND California 2014 ->
  • Host liable for contributory infringement for not taking down infringing photo Rosen v. GLOBAL NET CD Cal. 2014 ->
  • Copyright intangible property subject to execution