Day: July 4, 2014

CASL SpamaflopCASL Spamaflop

Check out Terrence Corcoran’s opinion article on CASL in this morning’s Financial Post: Spamaflop! Why Ottawa’s spam ban law is absurd and should be overturned. Here are a few choice quotes:

“I could say that Canada’s new anti-spam law is both horrifying and stupid, but Mark Joseph Stern, writing in Slate Magazine, already said that the other day.  One could also call it absurd, interventionist, controlling, costly, offense and an all-too-typical Tory mega-solution to a mostly non-problem.”

“Another way of looking at the anti-spam law is to set it back half a century. 

Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2014-07-03Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2014-07-03