Day: February 13, 2014

When hyperlinks infringe copyright: Svensson v Retriever SverigeWhen hyperlinks infringe copyright: Svensson v Retriever Sverige

Earlier today, the CJEU released an important decision on whether the making available right gives copyright holders a right to authorize the use of hyperlinks to copyright content. In Case C-466/12 Svensson v Retriever Sverige AB, (13 February 2014) the CJEU ruled that an ordinary “clickable” hyperlink makes a work available to the public. However, if the link is to a publically available portion of a website used by the rights holder to make work available to the same public as the link, it is not made available to a new public and the right is not infringed.…

Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2014-02-12Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2014-02-12

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  • Work for hire doctrine explained in program case MAHAVISNO v. COMPENDIA BIOSCIENCE ED Mich 2014 ->
  • Copying .22% of a program de minimis in copyright claim UPDATECOM, INC. v. FIRSTBANK D. Puerto Rico 2014 ->
  • License restrictions not binding in customers where not given to them Avaya, Inc. v. TELECOM D. NJ 2014 ->
  • “Happy Birthday” copyright defense: Those “words” and “text” are ours ->
  • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act claim dismissed where plaintiff failed to adequately plead loss or damage