McCarthy Tétrault releases CASL compliance toolkit

CASL compliance is a major challenge for Canadian organizations. The new legislation which regulates sending commercial electronic messages and the installation of computer programs is the toughest law of its kind anywhere.

To help organizations comply, McCarthy Tétrault has created a web page that compiles useful resources to help in developing and implementing compliance programs. It has also updated its very popular CASL Toolkit to take into account recent developments including the Industry Canada regulations and RIAS and the CRTC regulations and guidance documents.

Organizations that need assistance in understanding and complying with CASL can request a copy by following the directions at the McCarthy Tétrault website.

For more information about CASL, see, CASL: the unofficial FAQ, regulatory impact statement, and compliance guideline.

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3 thoughts on “McCarthy Tétrault releases CASL compliance toolkit”

  1. Tim says:

    Great Blog. When reading the transitional provisions of the legislation (66), it appears that implied consent from July 1, 2017 will include the following: business relationship 10(10) or non-business relationship 10 (13). Does this mean that conspicuous publishing of one’s name is no longer permitted as implied consent as of July 1, 2017?

  2. I can’t give legal advice on my blog. But, the conspicuous publication consent provision continues to apply.

  3. Tim says:

    Thanks, Barry.

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