Day: September 16, 2013

Michael Geist on CASL: flaws not Festivus grievancesMichael Geist on CASL: flaws not Festivus grievances

Last week Michael Geist published a blog post summarizing his remarks to Industry Minister Moore as to why the almost universal criticisms of Canada’s anti-spam/malware law CASL are unfounded. He suggested it is intense lobbying by “squeaky wheels” with “knee jerk” “greatly exaggerated” and “Festivus” grievances about CASL” that has delayed bringing the law into effect”. He acknowledges that CASL creates new compliance obligations but suggests they are not onerous and even standard internationally (when referring to “opt-in” for spam) and that there is not much more to CASL than “a simple proposition – obtain customer consent and you can do pretty much whatever you like.”…

Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2013-09-15Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2013-09-15

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  • DMCA does not require consideration of fair use before sending takedown notice Tuteur v CROSLEY D.Mass