Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2013-06-17

BC vs Ontario: BC Supreme Court Confirms No Common Law Tort for Invasion of Privacy

Unauthorised access to medical devices possible due to password vulnerability, warns US cyber security body

Breach of Confidence: Your “Friends” Can’t Protect You

Hadopi third strike hits French file sharer were it hurts: Banned from the Net

Are Isolated Human Genes Patentable In Canada?

Court of Appeal Accepts Ontario Jurisdiction Despite Forum Selection Clause for Germany

Birthday blues in class action claim

Sweden effectively bans government use of Google Cloud Apps for violating data protection rules

Internet Society Urges Transparency in IP Discussions -innovation w/o permission as a guiding principle?

Twenty Thoughts on the Importance of Myriad

German VP8 infringement cases show Google’s inability to cut through the codec patent thicket

Saudi Arabia plans to block WhatsApp within weeks: report

New Brunswick paper plant’s bid to impose random alcohol tests at work shot down by Supreme Court

Facebook, Microsoft reveal U.S. government data requests


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