Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2013-06-14

Internet providers to block download website | Irish Examiner

Google, Facebook, Microsoft Talk Surveillance

EU justice chief seeks answers on U.S. data spying

Canada a haven for digital criminals: study

International Cyber Security at the UN: Between Doom and Hesitant Optimism

ITC staff rejects Google’s public interest arguments, recommends import ban against Samsung

Facebook turns on data center at edge of the Arctic Circle

SAP Wins Key Ruling in Long-running Patent Battle with Versata

Twitter must disclose authors of anti-Semitic tweets, French appeals court rules

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas predict ‘massive implosion’ in film industry

Trap for the Unwary – The Ont. Court of Appeal Addresses the Limitation Period for Contractual Indemnities

Redefining Free Culture

UK advertising industry takes steps to address concerns about online copyright infringement

Honda Secures a Dismissal Of A Ferrofluid Artist’s Copyright Claims

Peter Braid (Conservative; June 12th) on Bill C-56

Vote #754 (Passed) in House limiting Second Reading debates on Bill C-56 to one more sitting

NSA spying – musings about the surveillance state

EU Commission explores copyright questions related to data mining

Chinese national sentenced to 12 years in prison for cyber theft

Did the PTAB Just Kill Software Patents

Latvian Constitutional Court’s first copyright case affirming constitutional right to protect copyrights

Car-tracking devices spark privacy concerns

Ontario Amendment to the E-Commerce Act Re Land Transfers Is Passed

IBM’s $1bn layoffs latest: Now axe swings in US, Canada

Why I’m not losing sleep over Prism

Impact of streaming on download sales and why there is no simple answer to the question of cannibalization

Margaret Hodge: Google UK boss was ‘completely unconvincing’ on tax

Group Wants Antitrust Agencies to Block Google’s Waze Deal

Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2013-06-13

US Supreme Court: Human genes cannot be patented …

Bill C-56 finished Second Reading in the House and was referred to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology…

Myriad: Isolated DNA out, cDNA in …

Myriad: Justice Scalia's Concurrence …

Huge win for Apple at the patent office: key claims of rubber-banding patent confirmed …

Supreme Court Issues Opinion on Myriad …

Cloud computing: how can companies reduce the <b>security</b> risk? …

Paramount Triumphs In ‘La Dolce Vita’ Copyright Case …

Producers sue to make “Happy Birthday” free …

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