Day: February 4, 2013

Will CASL Hurt Charities? Let Us Count The WaysWill CASL Hurt Charities? Let Us Count The Ways

Charities, including hospitals, universities, orchestras and other similar not-for-profit organizations will be hard hit by Canada’s new anti-spam legislation, known as CASL, when it comes into effect later in 2013. They will face a diminished ability to communicate with their supporters including donors, patients, volunteers, alumni and other beneficiaries thereby leading, inevitably, to reduced funding and support even as administrative burdens and costs go up.

The key problem is that CASL’s reach is very wide, and it therefore catches all sorts of electronic messages that organizations will want to send, even those that don’t seem particularly commercial in nature.

Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2013-02-04Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2013-02-04