Day: October 18, 2012

Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2012-10-18Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2012-10-18

  • Good exposition of idea dichotomy in copyright law, Greenspan v. Random House, Inc. 859 F.Supp.2d 206
    D.Mass.,2012 ->
  • Google Scholar link to THE AUTHORS GUILD, INC. v. HathiTRUST, Dist. Court, SD New York 2012 ->
  • Link to PeerMusic . v. LiveUniverse 2012 WL 4840803 awarding stat damages for copyright infringement of music lyrics ->
  • Consumers’ power to be tested as Supreme Court set to hear appeals on price fixing ->
  • Outsourcing company pays $25-million for U.K. insurance law firm