Day: August 24, 2011

Are music storage lockers legal in the US?Are music storage lockers legal in the US?

Earlier this week, a US District Court released an import decision on the legality of music lockers services under US law. In the Capital Records , Inc v MP3Tunes, LLC, 2011 WL 3667335 (S.D.N.Y., Aug 22, 2011) case, the court ruled that MP3Tunes was liable for contributory infringement by providing storage locker services to its users when it knew that they had unlawfully downloaded copyright protected materials into the lockers. MP3Tunes was found liable because it allowed users to continue to store and access songs listed in valid copyright takedown notices.…

University course packs going digitalUniversity course packs going digital

There has been a lot of debate recently concerning how universities should access and pay for content used for teaching purposes. Some, like Michael Geist, have argued that universities should forgo collective licensing from Access Copyright in favor of other “alternatives”.

Earlier this week, Metro Morning interviewed Jesse Hirsh on this topic. Check out the interview. Here’s a bit of what Jesse Hirsh had to say:

MATT GALLOWAY: What sort of copyright issues do digital course packs present?

JESSE HIRSH: Oh this all comes down to the resilience of the photocopier that has been a key ingredient of allowing universities to keep up in the era of the web.

Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2011-08-24Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2011-08-24