Government of Canada launches anti-spam information web site

Industry Canada has launched a web site to inform Canadians about Canada’s new anti-spam legislation. The site has some useful information about the law which is simply referred to as “Canada’s new anti-spam law”, as the law has no short name. The information at the site includes “key facts”, an “FAQ”, information about the new Spam Reporting Centre, and how the law will be enforced  and administered. A link to the law is also at the site.

While the basic information on the site is useful, it does not delve into the many complexities and difficulties Canadian businesses will have to grapple with to try and comply with the new law. Some of the challenges are described in a prior blog post written by my colleague Lorne Salzman and I entitled, Rethinking FISA.

The site invites members of the public to provide feedback on the draft regulations published by the CRTC and Industry Canada. The feedback on the draft CRTC regulation is due August 29, 2011. The feedback on the draft Industry Canada Regulations is due September 7, 2011.

Many of the compliance difficulties Canadian businesses face with Canada’s new anti-spam law can be solved by regulations. However, as additional regulations to those already proposed will be needed to address these challenges, providing the requested feedback to the CRTC and Industry Canada could be very useful.

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