Who Profits from Piracy?

The video shown below is based on a presentation first given by Ellen Seidler (fastgirlfilms) at Canadian Music Week’s Global Forum in March of 2011.

In the introduction to the video she says: “Online piracy isn’t about altruism, it’s about income. Today’s technology allows web pirates to steal content and monetize that content with a click of a mouse. Meanwhile, “legit” companies encourage and facilitate this theft while also profiting from it (ad service providers, advertisers and payment processors). The time has come for reasonable measures to be taken to discourage this theft. Content creators and consumers will benefit. Only the pirates and those who profit from their theft will lose.”

Here is the video:

Who Profits from Piracy? from fastgirlfilms on Vimeo.

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One thought on “Who Profits from Piracy?”

  1. Wes King says:

    The statement about altruism compared to having it be intended for income is very interesting. I find your blog very interesting and have considered going into Intellectual Property Law.

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