C-60, C-61, C-32?

We will likely know later today whether Bill C-32 will suffer the same fate as its predecessors. A vote of non-confidence will kill C-32.

* Its now official. Liberal non-confidence vote passes 156-145. That’s it for C-32 and other Bills such as lawful access and the amendments to PIPEDA.

For more information about the Copyright Modernization Act or Bill C-11 or copyright reform, see Change and the Copyright Modernization Act.

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2 thoughts on “C-60, C-61, C-32?”

  1. Mark says:

    Never know where the Globe gets their facts, but they mention C-32 is one of the ones that didn’t make it.


  2. Wayne Borean says:

    Bill C-32, like Bill C-60 and Bill C-61 before was driven by the agenda of dying corporations, not the agenda of the artists who actually create the works that we all know and love. The death of Bill C-32, and the additional visibility that the issues surrounding copyright and artistic business models have gained in the community mean that artists are now taking a proactive interest.

    To help artists to drive the agenda, and to avoid the mistake to building a new copyright law around the outdated WIPO treaties, I’ve registered the website copyrightforartists.ca and will have it up and running late tonight. I’m inviting creators to come and join in the conversation about how to lobby the government for a Copyright Act that serves the creators, and not the leeches who live off us.

    Wayne aka The Mad Hatter

    PS: I will be cross posting this to the Balanced Copyright Facebook Group, where I imagine it will cause a bit of a flap.

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