Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2011-02-08

  • Why not a metered Internet? – The Globe and Mail #
  • Rush is on for custom domain name suffixes #
  • The tangled web of copyright law – the stakes in the UK Meltwater case #
  • 10 Easy Steps: How To Use Twitter For Law Students #
  • Draft Guidelines For Examining Software Patents in New Zealand Released #
  • Software Patents in India #
  • Ofcom 'to publish ISP copyright code in 6 weeks' #
  • Conservatives say partisanship interfering in Bill C-32 hearings | The Hill Times #
  • Calif. juror ordered to turn over Facebook posts #
  • IP Milestones: Here's My List, What's Yours? #
  • Sony To Go After More PS3 Hackers, Including Linux Hacker Graf_Chokolo #
  • Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2011-02-07 #
  • Forum selection clause valid in click wrap agreement in US case Segal v., Inc. 2011 WL 338400 #
  • EU trade mark dispute between online gaming and casino operators in 32Red Plc v WHG (International) Ltd 32 2011 WL 197286 #
  • Competitor's viewing of source code for software not infringe US copyright; Softech v. Internet Technology 2011 WL 223594 #
  • Software licensee without exclusive license has no standing to sue for copyright infringement in US, HyperQuest. v. N'Site 2011 WL 148803 #
  • California Court of Appeals Exempts Process Function Software Licenses from Sales and Use Tax #
  • Israel's data protection laws given EU seal of approval #
  • IPEC Issues First Annual Report on Intellectual Property Enforcement #
  • Make the heaviest online users pay their fair share #
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