Copyright law 2010 –the year in review in Canada and around the world

Here is a copy of the slides I used today at the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Intellectual Property Year in Review conference. The associated paper prepared in collaboration with Glen Bloom, and with the help of others, is available here.

My slides summarize the following copyright cases from Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Europe and the USA:


Alberta (Education) v Access Copyright 2010 FCA 198

Bell Canada v SOCAN (Tariff 22) 2010 FCA 220

Canadian Private Copying Collective v. J & E Media Inc., 2010 FC 102

Cheung v. Target Event Production Ltd., 2010 FCA 255

Commercial Radio Stations Tariff, [2010] C.B.D. No. 4

Copying for Private Use (Re: Private Copying 2010), Decision of the Board November 2, 2010

CRTC (Re: Broadcasting Act Reference), 2010 FCA 178

Entertainment Software Association v CMRRA/SODRAC, 2010 FCA 221

Entral Group International Inc. v. MCUE Enterprises Corp. (Di Da Di Karaoke Company), 2010 FC 606

Microsoft Corp. V 9038-3746 Quebec Inc. 2010 FCA 151

Nicholas v. Environmental Systems (International) Limited, 2010 FC 741

Philip Morris Products S.A. v. Malboro Canada Limited, 2010 FC 1099

R. v. Hirani , 2010 BCPC 205

RecordTV Pte Ltd v MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd [2010] SGCA 43

Sirius Canada Inc. v CMRRA/SODRAC, 2010 FCA 348

Sixty Spa c. 3127885 Canada Inc., 2010 QCCS 2754

SOCAN (Tariff 22G) v Bell Canada 2010 FCA 139

SOCAN v. Bell Canada, 2010 FCA 123

Vinod Chopra Films Private Limited v. John Doe, 2010 FC 387

Wira v. Jubilee Enterprises Ltd., 2010 SKQB 320


 Acohs Pty Ltd v Ucorp Pty Ltd [2010] FCA 577 (10 June 2010)

Fairfax  Media Publications Pty Ltd v Reed International Books Australia Pty Ltd [2010] FCA 984 (7 September 2010)

Larrikin Music Publishing Pty Ltd v EMI Songs Australia Pty Limited [2010] FCA 29 (4 February 2010)

Primary Health  Care Limited v Commissioner of  Taxation  [2010] FCA 419 (4 May 2010)

Telstra Corporation Limited v. Phone Directories Company Pty Ltd. [2010] FCAFC  149  (15 December 2010)



FTD B.V. v Eyeworks Film & TV Drama BV, Court of Appeal of the Hague, 15 November, 2010

PADAWAN SL v Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE) (Case C-467/08) 21 October, 2010

REFERENCE for a preliminary ruling from the Nejvyšší správní soud (Czech Republic) ECJ 22 December, 2010

The Pirate Bay Appeal, SVEA Court of Appeal, 26 November, 2010

 UK, Ireland, Singapore

 Crosstown Music Company 1, LLC v Rive Droite Music Ltd [2010] EWCA Civ 1222 (02 November 2010)

EMI Records & Ors v Eircom Ltd, [2010] IEHC 108

EMI Records (Ireland) Ltd v UPC Communications Ireland Ltd [2010] IEHC 377

Football Dataco Ltd v Brittens Pools Ltd, [2010] EWHC 841 (Ch) (23 April 2010)

Football Dataco Ltd v Sportradar GmbH, [2010] EWHC 2911 (Ch) (17 November 2010)

ITV Broadcasting Ltd v TV Catch Up Ltd [2010] EWHC 3063 (Ch) (25 November 2010)

Media C.A.T. Ltd. v A [2010] EWPCC 17 (01 December 2010)

RecordTV Pte Ltd v MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd [2010] SGCA 43

SAS Institute Inc v World Programming Ltd [2010] EWHC 1829 (Ch) (23 July 2010)

The Newspaper Licensing Agency Ltd v Meltwater Holding BV [2010] EWHC 3099 (Ch) (26 November 2010)

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation v. Newzbin Ltd., [2010] EWHC 601 (Ch) (29 March 2010)


 Arista Records, LLC v Lime Wire Group  2010 WL 1914816 (S.D.N.Y.2010)

Arista Records, LLC v. Doe 3, 604 F. 3d 110 (2nd.Cir.2010)

Baby Buddies, Inc. v. Toys ” R” Us, Inc., 2010 WL 2853720 (11th.Cir. July 22, 2010)

Benay v. Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., 607 F. 3d 620 (9th. Cir. 2010)

Columbia Pictures Industries Inc v Fung 2:06-cv-05578-SVW-JC (C.D. Cal. May 20, 2010)

Ho v. Taflove & Chang, 696 F. Supp. 2d 950 (N.D.Ill.2010)

Mattel, Inc. v. MGA Entertainment, Inc., 616 F. 3d 904 (9th.Cir.2010)

MDY Industries, LLC v Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. 2010 WL 5141269 (9th.Cir. Dec 14, 2010)

Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc v Jaffe, 2010 WL 816651 (N.D.Cal, 2010)

US v. ASCAP 2010 WL 3749292 (2nd. Cir. Sept. 28, 2010)

Vernor v. AUTODESK, INC. 621 F.3d 1102 (9th.Cir. 2010)

Viacom Int’l Inc. v. YouTube, Inc., 718 F.Supp.2d 514 (S.D.N.Y. June 23, 2010)

The following additional cases are summarized in the conference paper:


 Apple Canada Inc. c. St-Germain, 2010 QCCA 1376

Association des journalistes indépendants du Québec (AJIQ-CSN) c. Journal Voir, 2010 QCCS 1574

AstralMedia Radio Inc. v. Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, 2010 FCA 16

Canadian Private Copying Collective v. Data Media Products Inc. 2009 FC 1277

Concept Developments Ltd. v. Webb, 2010 FC 1315

Constructions Première Classe inc. c. Gestion 117 inc. 2009 QCCS 6392

Constructions Première Classe inc. c. Beaulieu 2010 QCCQ 1710

Construction Denis Desjardins inc. c. Jeanson 2010 QCCA 1287

Interim Statement of Royalties to be Collected by Access Copyright for the Reprographic Reproduction, in Canada, of Works in its Repertoire (Post-Secondary Educational Institutions, 2001-2013), Copyright Board, December 23, 2010

Jam c. Éditions Trois-Pistoles, 2010 QCCQ 9886

Licence Application by the Ministère de L’Education, Du Loisir et du Sport Québec (MELS) for the use of the Soundtrack of a Video Recording of a Speech Delivered by Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Copyright Board, April 23, 2010

Neugebauer v. Labieniec, 2010 FCA 229

Nova Construction plus (Jean-Pierre Rioux) inc. c. Gagnon, 2010 QCCS 4463

Premium Sports Broadcasting Inc. v. 1682211 Ontario Inc. (Studio 10), 2010 FC 1267

Robertson v. Proquest Learning and Information LLC, [2010] O.J. No. 3261

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada v. 564163 Ontario Ltd. (c.o.b. Studio 4 Tavern), 2010 FC 905

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada v. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, 2010 FC 731

Statement of Royalties to be Collected by SOCAN and NRCC in respect of Pay Audio Services for the Years 2007-2009, Copyright Board, January 15, 2010

Statement of Royalties to be Collected by CBRA for the Fixation and Reproduction of Works and Communication Signals, in Canada, by Commercial and Non-Commercial Media Monitors for the Years 2009 and 2010, Copyright Board, February 12, 2010

Statement of Royalties to be Collected by SOCAN, Re:Sound, CSI, AVLA/SOPROQ and ArtistI in respect of Commercial Radio Stations, Copyright Board, July 9, 2010

Warner Chappell Music France c. Beaulne, 2010 QCCS 2632


 Nintendo Company Ltd v. Playbles Ltd, [2010] F.S.R. 36 (July 20 and 28, 2010)

The slides can be seen below:
Sookman LSUC Copyright 2010 Slides

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