Toronto Star says proposed exception for education in C-32 needs rethinking

The Toronto Star published an editorial today on C-32.  In it the Star expressed concern over the proposed inclusion of education as a new fair dealing allowable purpose exception. According to the Star:

Writers and publishers are worried that a broad interpretation of “education” could lead to rampant copying of textbooks, instructional manuals and even novels. Would a school board be allowed to buy just one copy of a new textbook and copy it for all its students? Would universities be allowed to copy bits and pieces of 20 different books to compile reading material on a certain subject for their students? Indeed, would a monthly book club be considered an “educational” activity and be allowed to copy novels on its reading list?

The Star concludes its editorial by saying:

Both government and opposition should rethink and take a hard look at the fair dealing section when Parliament resumes sitting in the fall and Bill C-32 goes to committee. Legislation intended to defend copyright ought not to be used to justify rampant copying.

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