Developments in Computer, Internet and E-Commerce Law (2009-2010)

Here are the slides used in my presentation to the Toronto Computer Lawyers Group earlier today,  The Year in Review: Developments in Computer, Internet and E-Commerce Law (2009-2010). It covers significant developements since my talk last spring.

The slides include a summary of the following cases and statutory references:

Tercon Contractors Ltd. v. British Columbia, 2010 SCC 4

Internet Broadcasting Corporation Ltd. v Mar LLC [2009] EWHC 844 (Ch)

Gammasonics Institute for Medical Research Pty Ltd v Comrad Medical Sysytems Pty Ltd [2010] NSWSC 267 (9 April 2010)

Kingsway Hall Hotel Ltd. v Red Sky IT (Hounslow) Ltd. [2010] EWHC 965

BSkyb Ltd v HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd [2010] EWHC 86 (TCC) (26 January 2010)

Griffin v. Dell Canada Inc., 2010 ONCA 29

Tracfone Wireless, Inc. v Anadisk LLC 2010 WL 565392 (S.D.Fla. Feb 18, 2010)

Defrontes v Dell Inc. 984 A.2d 1061 (Sup.Ct.RH.Isld.2009)

Major v McCallister (Miss.CT.App. Dec 23, 2009)

DC Laboratories, Inc. v. Hach Co., 2009 WL 2605270 (C.D.Ill.,Aug 25, 2009)

Hines v., Inc. 668 F.Supp.2d 362 (E.D.N.Y. 2009) LLC v Google, Inc. 2010 WL 779325 (S.D.N.Y. Mar. 5, 2010)

Scherillo v. Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. 684 F.Supp.2d 313 (E.D.N.Y.2010.)

LTVN Holdings LLC v. Odeh 2009 WL 3736526 (D.Md.2009)

Brodsky v. LLC  2009 WL 3490277 (S.D.N.Y. Oct. 28, 2009)

Miller v. Facebook, Inc., No. 09-02810 (N.D. Ga. Jan. 15, 2010)

National Auto Lenders, Inc. v. SysLOCATE, Inc. 2010 WL 527866 (S.D.Fla.Feb. 10, 2010)

Carimate v. Ginsglobal Index Funds 2009 WL 3233538 (C.D.Cal.Sept.30, 2009)

Thomas & Anor v BPE Solicitors (A Firm) [2010] EWHC 306 (Ch) (19 February 2010)

Grant v. Torstar Corp., 2009 SCC 61

Crookes v. Newton, 2009 BCCA 392, (leave to SCC granted)

Metropolitan International Schools Ltd. v Designtechnica Corp [2009] EWHC 1765 (QB) (16 July 2009)

R. v. Morelli, 2010 SCC 8

Review of the Internet traffic management practices of Internet service providers, Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2009-657, Oct. 21, 2009)

Bill C-22 An Act respecting the mandatory reporting of Internet child pornography by persons who provide an Internet service


Lucasfilm Ltd & Ors v Ainsworth & Anor [2009] EWCA Civ 1328 (16 December 2009)

Editions du Seuil v Google Inc, Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris 3ème chambre, 2ème section Ruling of December 18, 2009

Columbia Pictures Industries Inc v Fung  2:06-cv-05578-SVW-JC (C.D. Cal. May 20, 2010)

Banyan Tree Holding (P) Limited v Reddy CS (OS) No. 894/2008 (H.C.Delhi. Nov. 23, 2009)

Sheppard & Anor, R v [2010] EWCA Crim 65 (29 January 2010)

PIPEDA Case Summary #2009-010 Report of Findings – Assistant Commissioner recommends Bell Canada inform customers about Deep Packet Inspection

Johnson et al. v. Microsoft Corp. (W.D. Wash., June 2009)

EMI Records & Ors -v- Eircom Ltd,  [2010] IEHC 108

PIPEDA Case Summary #2009-013 Publisher collected and used e-mail addresses for marketing without consent

R. v. Cuttell, 2009 ONCJ 471

Carter v. Connors, 2009 NBQB 317

Warman v. Fournier et al, 2010 ONSC 2126

Boring v Google Inc. 2010 WL 318281 (3rd.Cir.Jan 28, 2010)

PIPEDA Case Summary #2009-008 Report of Findings into the Complaint Filed by CIPPIC against Facebook Inc (July 22, 2009)

Poliquin v. Devon Canada Corporation, 2009 ABCA 216 (Alta.C.A.)

Bill S-4: An Act to amend the Criminal Code (identity theft and related misconduct) (in force Jan 8, 2010)

Bill C-28 Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act

BILL C-29 An Act to amend PIPEDA

SOCAN v. Bell Canada, 2010 FCA 123

Telstra Corporation Limited v. Phone Directories Company Pty Ltd. [2010] FCA 44 (8 February 2010)

RecordTV Pte Ltd v MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd [2009] SGHC 287

Roadshow Films Pty Ltd v  iiNet  Limited (No. 3) [2010] FCA 24 (4 February 2010)

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation v. Newzbin Ltd., [2010] EWHC 601 (Ch) (29 March 2010)

Arista Records LLC v Inc. 91 USPQ2d 1744 (S.D.N.Y.2009)

EMI Records & Ors -v- Eircom Ltd, [2010] IEHC 108

Columbia Pictures Industries Inc v Fung  2:06-cv-05578-SVW-JC (C.D. Cal. Dec. 21, 2009)

Arista Records, LLC v Lime Wire Group  2010 WL 1914816 (S.D.N.Y.2010)

Sony BMG  Music Entertainment v Tenenbaum, 2009 WL 4547019 (D.Mass. Dec 7, 2009).

Brein v Mininova. B.V., District Court of Utrecht, 26 August 2009

Louis Vuitton Malletier, S.A. v. Akanoc Solutions, Inc. (N.D. Cal. March 19, 2010)

Autodesk, Inc v Dassault Systems Solidworks Corp. 2009 WL 5218009 (N.D.Cal. Dec. 31, 2009)

Tiffany (NJ) Inc. v eBay Inc. 600 F.3d 93 (2nd.Cir.2010)

Google France v Louis Vuitton Malletier, Official Journal of the European Union 22.5.2010

Silvaco Data Systems v. Intel Corp. 2010 WL 1713241 (Cal.App. 6 Dist.2010)

DOCS-#1270489-V10-Sookman TCLG 2010 Year in Review

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