Copyright and the Great Socialist Degradation

Andrei Mincov, a recent law school graduate from Vancouver (who also holds a PhD in law from Moscow State University), published a blog  in which he explores the basis for protecting works under copyright.

Mr Mincov points to a link between society’s views about copyright and its views about how society is organized at the political level. In his view, copyright policy should based upon a recognition of individual rights and the dignity of the individual.

Mr Mincov also makes some observations about the underlying philosophical/political views of those that oppose copyright laws that would enable individuals to determine for themselves how, when and where their intellectual proterty can be disseminated.

Today’s attack on copyright is simply one piece of the puzzle. The whole puzzle is the attack on free market and individual rights. The whole puzzle is the Great Socialist Evolution that has corrupted the Western world through various entitlement programs and indoctrination to the effect that the government can and should regulate everything and redistribute the wealth. The more entitlements people have, the harder it is to convince them that this model is unsustainable. Just as Margaret Thatcher said: “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”.

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