Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2010-04-15

  • Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2010-04-14 #
  • Calling out misreporting about ACTA #
  • ESAC's paper entitled Game On, Canada! Playing to win in the digital economy. #
  • 9th Cir. provides gloss on work-for-hire analysis in case involving data conversion claim #
  • Regulations published to remove copyright as an exclusion from the proceeds of crime provisions of the Criminal Code. #
  • NS court doesn't "condone the conduct of anonymous Internet users who make defamatory comments"; orders disclosure of Ids #
  • RT @michaelgeist: Parliament votes in favour of extending private copying levy in non-binding motion. Libs, NDP, Bloc support motion #
  • Counterfeiting and piracy undermines the incentive to create say US GAO report #
  • Brokerage hit with $375000 fine over 2007 data breach – Computerworld #
  • Twitter Ad Models Could Open PPC Trademark Can Of Worms #
  • Internet Privacy: Why Library of Congress Twitter Archives Could be a Bad Thing #
  • RIM Dropped From Raylon Software Patent Suit #
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