Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2010-03-16

  • Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2010-03-15 #
  • God of War and the idea expression dichotomy in copyright law #
  • US court finds short phrases Test Market Pricing and Special Notice Collection not protected by copyright, Sinclair v Nissan 2010 WL 817455 #
  • Instinet wins licensing and IP disputein US with Ariel over rights to use improvements, Instinet v Ariel, 2010 WL 779324 #
  • “the ambiguity and imprecision of Fair Use makes it a deterrent to innovation…it scares startups (and their investors)” #
  • Thoughts on Fair Use “it’s time to realize that Fair Use also chills innovation in its own way” #
  • RT @James_Gannon: Blogged: Debating the iPod Levy, circa 2007 #
  • NZ Law Commission targets cloud computing in privacy review #
  • Ari Emanuel lobbying Obama for US ‘Three Strikes’ law? #
  • PIRACY hurts authors #
  • Information Law and Policy » If you build it, they could sue… #
  • Google’s clickwrap forum selection clause enforced in TRADECOMET.v. GOOGLE 2010 WL 779325 #
  • FCC Broadband Plan, Executive Summary @ #
  • US Based Copyright Alliance’s views on the FCC Broadband Plan #
  • Canada’s digital strategy: cut funding for library Internet access? #
  • Privacy is still a social norm says Canada’s Privacy Commissioner #
  • Download growth boosts UK music royalties #
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