Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2010-03-12

  • Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2010-03-11 #
  • Murdoch urges reforms to stem online copyright free riding #
  • Canada’s booksellers v. #
  • Pirate Bay Court Appeal Set For Just After General Election #
  • US court awards statutory damages against radio stations for non-payment of ASCAP fees=2x fees not paid in EMI v Rodriguez 2010 WL 770370 #
  • Software licensor who unilaterally cancelled a software license can’t rely on LOL clause a US court says in Brunskill v Rapid 2010 WL 77968 #
  • Court nixes individual track downloads of Pink Floyd albums #
  • Telstra judgment in Australia puts listings ownership on the line #
  • Judge dismisses copyright claim on Sony’s ‘God of War’-no copyright in ideas #
  • Obama: We Must Move Forward On ACTA #
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