Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2010-03-04

  • Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2010-03-03 #
  • IIPA 301 Report: Spanish Music Biz Down 65% In 5 Years due to piracy #
  • German Biz Welcomes Telecoms Data Storage Ruling #
  • Is Pirate Bay ins Contempt for ignoring Dutch court order #
  • US Suprems Court rules copyright registration requirement does not restrict subject-matter jurisdiction for suits for unregistered works #
  • US 5th Circuit confirms that p2p file sharing violates US Copyright Act and awards damages in Maverick v Harper 2010 WL 653322 #
  • U.S. Indicts Four In Concert Tickets Scheme where computers used to jump the virtual queues #
  • Online clickwrap TOS forum selection clause enforced by US court in ApplianceZone v NexTag 93 USPQ2d 1540 #
  • REED ELSEVIER, v. MUCHNICK case on subject-matter jurisdiction for copyright suits for unregistered works @ #
  • US court sets out framework for analysing spoilation claims regarding electronic evidence in Rinkus v Nickie 2010 WL 645253 #
  • US court dismisses copyright infringement where copyright registration not filed before claim commenced in Microcheck v Nunez 2010 WL 691350 #
  • USTR Offers Answers To Some Thorny Questions On ACTA #
  • Forum selection clause in Paypal’s clickwrap agreement enforced in Beard v Paypal 2010 WL 654390 by US court #
  • Speech from the throne promises policies to foster innovation and to strenghten copyright and IP laws #
  • ACTA will not undermine individuals’ rights, says EU Commission #
  • Lib Dems looking to block copyright infringing sites in the UK #
  • AFL-CIO Executive Council unanimously supports anti-piracy measures #
  • New York Man Pleads Guilty to Criminal. Copyright Infringement #
  • Why Cyber War Is No Cold War – #
  • German Court Says Data Retention Rules Are Illegal #
  • Apple patent case could affect all android phones #
  • Why Apple is suing HTC rather than Google or Android #
  • Google Backs Smartphone Maker HTC in Apple Lawsuit #
  • Supreme Court clarifies basis for why copyright suits over unregistered works should be dismissed #
  • US 9th Circuit rules that levying execution against a domain name is possible #
  • Google hackers broke into more than 100 companies’ systems #
  • Microsoft used a major legal botnet to takedown Waleda security threat #
  • BOOK RELEASE: Computer Games and Virtual Worlds #
  • Spain Busts Hackers for Infecting 13 Million PCs #
  • Tracing attack source key to cybersecurity strategy, Chertoff says #
  • “All-Free” Promoter Now Says Argument Was In Fact Bodily Waste #
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