Stealing is not a form of flattery, nor is it sincere…

Take a look at Deadline Dames’ guest blog by Jeaniene Frost who wrote a good piece on e-pirating of books debunking 13 popular justifications for piracy.  She closes with the following summary:

“If you take nothing else away from this very long post, I hope you remember this: e-piracy isn’t free.Someone always ends up paying for it, and sometimes, paying dearly in lost jobs. It will also cost readers in the long run, because the less money publishers make, the less willing they are to publish new authors. Or publish books that are outside what might be considered very mainstream. That’s not the publisher’s fault; they’re trying to stay alive (see Duh 101 business rule again). Plus, it costs readers another way. If a series you love is being pirated more than sold, that series will be discontinued, guaranteed. It makes me sad when I see comments on share sites saying things like “Love the Night Huntress series! Can’t wait to read the next book. Someone please, upload it ASAP!” because those people don’t realize what they’re doing actively hurts my chances to write more books. If I don’t legally sell enough books, my publisher doesn’t buy new ones, period. It’s that pesky Duh 101 rule of business again.”

Piracy costs. If you love reading, please support that love by obtaining books through legal channels.”

In case your not convinced, here’s a story from a photographer complaining about several of his photographs that were “stolen” and posted online without consent.  You can sympathize with his plight as he describes how his hard work was just taken without his consent. Here’s what he said:


“Look, I get it. You love the band, and you want to share your love with other fans via the internet with photos. However, it’s still illegal if you’re not getting permission from the photographer/owner of the copyrights. I own the copyright to these photos, and might I add that the copyright symbol isn’t just there for decoration! It’s MEANS I OWN THE COPYRIGHTS AS THE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE IMAGE. When I became a photographer and started passionately engaging in myself in concert photography, I started to understand all the hard work it entails and why they have copyrights. The complacency in some people really bothers me when it comes to this matter. “It’s the internet, it happens,” or it’s a “sharing” community doesn’t cancel out the fact that you’re doing something illegal and will be facing legal consequences if you don’t respect the rights of the photographer. On another note, in the matter of “sharing communities” such as Tumblr, it’s just as simple as the things you learned in kindergarten: When you take something from someone, it’s not sharing!So this means don’t repost my photos ANYWHERE. This means on your blog, your Tumblr, your photobucket, your livejournal, your flickr, your buzznet page, your fan message board, etc. etc. etc. You get it.

If you run a fan website (meaning you own the domain and are respected as a sole provider in fan information by the band you are supporting and the band supports your site), then please contact me if you’d like to have my photos on your website, and I’m sure we can work something out. Otherwise,REPOSTING ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY WRITTEN PERMISSION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. I cannot stress this enough!”

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