Day: February 8, 2010

Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2010-02-08Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2010-02-08

My new intellectual property law casebookMy new intellectual property law casebook

For those of you wanting a primer in intellectual property law, you may be interested in the new casebook, Intellectual Property Law in Canada: Cases and Commentary. This is a book written by my IP litigation partner Steven Mason and I. We are using it in the IP law course we teach at Osgoode. It is a sequel to our casebook published last year on copyright, Copyright: Cases and Commentary on the Canadian and International Law, which we used to teach copyright law at Osgoode.…

The fallout from iiNet: markets and laws failing in face of net piracyThe fallout from iiNet: markets and laws failing in face of net piracy

Last week the Federal Court of Australia released its important decision in the iiNet case. As many commentators have pointed out, the court declined to require Australia’s ISPs to disconnect those of its subscribers who are repeat copyright infringers.

In the course of reaching this decision, the court made a number of important rulings about the liability arising from the use of BitTorrent networks including the following:

  • Seeders and peers that make music available for sharing are infringers under Australia’s making available right.