Is Minister Clement following the UK to bring us a much needed “Digital Canada” strategy?

As most of you may know, the UK is moving ahead rapidly with its Digital Britain agenda to make the UK a world leader in the digital economy. The goals of the UK initiative include upgrading the UK copyright laws to introduce new exceptions from infringement and laws to stem unauthorized online file sharing.

It was reported today that Minister Clement plans to move ahead with a digital Canada agenda that includes a strategy for Canada’s digital economy including privacy and copyright reforms. More specifics -and action-would be useful, but the goals should be applauded.

The Canwest article stated the following about the interview:

“Clement said one of his priorities in the new year will be to promote the development of Canada’s ‘digital economy’ by tabling legislation that modernizes Canada’s privacy laws, as well as introducing a revised version of copyright legislation that did not pass in the last Parliament.

‘We have to have a strategy for the digital economy in Canada, because you can’t move ahead with manufacturing and resource extraction unless you actually have a strategy for doing more things online.'”

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