Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-24

  • Prof. Ficsor responds to Prof. Geist again over the WIPO Treaties and the balance of interests, #
  • RT @James_Gannon: Blogged: i4i injunction and damage award upheld against Microsoft #
  • Redbox using altered cover art to circumvent copyright issues on embargoed titles #
  • Companies never safe from cybercrime: Symantec boss #
  • Report: FBI probes hacker attack on Citigroup – The Associated Press #
  • Argentina Toughens Music Performers and Producers Protection #
  • France Reins In Google Digitisation Project; Google plans to appeal ruling #
  • Welcome to the Blog Roll: The Cynical Musician #
  • Microsoft issues wipe clean Word tool for OEMs #
  • IFPI Settles With Cyberlocker Sites, Takes Over Domains #
  • Link to CAFC Microsoft decision is at, #
  • Has file sharing hurt photographers? #
  • US Court grants summary judgment against Isohunt and Fung in copyright infingament action. #
  • CAUT granted leave to intervene in FCA Judicial review of Copyright Board decision concerning fair dealing in educational sector. #
  • RT @bensheffner: Court grants summary judgment in Gary Fung/IsoHunt case; no DMCA safe harbor for inducement, . #
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