Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-16

  • Alain Strowel's article on graduated response in the WIPO Journal is a must read, #
  • Patent pooling deal to reduce costs of AIDS drugs #
  • RT @bensheffner: Biden at White House anti-piracy summit: "They're stealing it. It offends me." (via @wsj) #
  • Who owns digital rights in books?, #
  • Record label attempts to make Google and Microsoft liable for linked-to infringements, #
  • Making Legal Easier and Illegal Harder, #
  • An Act to amend the (Canada) Criminal Code (identity theft and related misconduct) to come into force on January 8, 2010, P.C. 2009-1999. #
  • EC to fight pirates, #
  • New Zealand follows France and UK and will enact a graduated response process, PR at, Cabinet Paper at #
  • US gov't plans new crackdown on copyright piracy and counterfeiting. #
  • N.Emirates to Get Cyber Crime Court citing blackmail, pornography, and financial fraud with hard to track crimes. #
  • Microsoft Tackles Child Pornography Problem with software that scans internet to identify child porn. #
  • Australia to introduce mandatory content filtering by ISPs for video content after pilot shows it works. #
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