Computer & Internet Law Updates for 2009-12-15

  • Web “a breeding ground for disinformation” and the Internet “a danger for democracy”? “Caught in Web of faux pas”, National Post 12/14/09 #
  • EU ratifies WIPO Treaties to bring “protection up to speed with modern technologies” and to protect creative industries. #
  • Google’s books: a Special Relationship with copyright, #
  • US Supreme Court to hear text-message privacy case #
  • EU ratification of WIPO treaties “will positively influence the development of creativity within the digital environment”. #
  • RT @copycense: Bridgeport: 6th Circuit affirms no fair use or de minimis for sampling [PDF] #
  • The UK IPO’s proposed strategy for dealing with copyright issues in the digital age, #
  • Best Buy, JVC, Samsung, and others Hit With Lawsuit for violating the GPLv2 for DVD nd other media players , #
  • UN official welcomes European Union approval of Internet copyright treaties, #
  • Nicolas Sarkozy fights Google over classic books #
  • RT @bensheffner: Biden to head piracy summit tomorrow at White House. (via @variety) #
  • P2P Sharing Being Blocked Around the World, Where Next? – ReadWriteWeb (blog) #
  • Virgin Media to roll out copyright infringement detection tool #
  • EU Allows Local Language URLs – eWEEK Europe UK #
  • DIGITAL: The digital decade – California Chronicle #
  • Microsoft sued on a patent for a business method for extracting data from spreadsheets. #
  • Hundreds of Private Pirate BitTorrent Trackers compete- with nothing going to creators. #
  • Messy web venture divorces–TEG v. Phelps #
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