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Canadian Patent Office allows’s “one-click” patent

December 31st, 2011

Last month the Federal Court of Appeal issued its reasons in the “one-click” patent case. Since the Court of Appeal directed the Commissioner to revisit’s application, it was not clear whether or not the patent was eligible subject matter.[1] The decision of the Court of Appeal left many questions unanswered.

It appears that the Patent Office has now determined that’s patent application,  “Method and System For Placing A Purchase Order Via A Communication Network” (Canadian Patent Application No. 2,246,933), is eligible subject matter. Patent Office records show that following an amendment made on December 22, 2011 a Notice of Allowance was issued on December 23, 2011. The records also show that the Final Fee was paid on December 28, 2011.

Amazon files brief to Federal Court of Appeal in the one-click patent case

April 6th, 2011

Amazon filed its responding brief in the “one click” patent appeal. As Amazon notes, “The Appeal  raises  issues  fundamental  to  the  Canadian  patent  system:  (i)  the  proper approach to patent claims construction, and (ii) the scope of  patentable subject matter in Canada.”

The appeal arises out of Amazon’s application for a patent for an invention entitled “Method and System  for  Placing  a  Purchase  Order  Via  a  Communications  Network”. The  application  relates  to  a  communications network based method and  system for  placing an  order and, more particularly, to  a method and system for purchasing and ordering items over the Internet. going to the Federal Court of Appeal

November 15th, 2010

The AG of Canada and the Commissioner of Patents have filed a  Notice of Appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal in the case. In the notice, the government argues that the decision of the Federal Court of Canada released on October 14, 2010,, Inc. v. Attorney General of Canada was wrong and that Amazon’s one click patent is not patentable subject matter in Canada.

The Patent Appeal Board rejected Amazon’s “One-Click” patent application. Re Patent Application No. 2,246,933 (March 5, 2009) for three principal reasons:

Rejection of Amazon’s One-Click patent attacked in appeal brief

December 4th, 2009

Amazon has filed its Memorandum of Fact and Law in its appeal from the Canadian patent office rejection of its “One-Click” patent application. Re Patent Application No. 2,246,933 (March 5, 2009), Patent Appeal Board and the Commissioner of Patents Decision.

The Board had ruled the one click invention non-statutory for three principal reasons.

First, the Board ruled that if a claimed invention is not “an act or series of acts performed by some physical agent upon some physical object and producing in such object some change either of character or of condition”; it is not an art under Section 2 of the Patent Act.