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Copyright law 2010 –the year in review in Canada and around the world

January 13th, 2011

Here is a copy of the slides I used today at the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Intellectual Property Year in Review conference. The associated paper prepared in collaboration with Glen Bloom, and with the help of others, is available here.

My slides summarize the following copyright cases from Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Europe and the USA:


Alberta (Education) v Access Copyright 2010 FCA 198

Bell Canada v SOCAN (Tariff 22) 2010 FCA 220

Canadian Private Copying Collective v. J & E Media Inc., 2010 FC 102

Cheung v. Target Event Production Ltd., 2010 FCA 255

God of War and the idea expression dichotomy in copyright law

March 15th, 2010

It is often argued by anti-copyright advocates that copyright is a monopoly that operates so stringently that it stifles creativity and leaves no room for others to create similar or competing works. This argument often overlooks the idea expression dichotomy principle in copyright law. This principle is applied, albeit with variations, throughout the world to regulate the balance between legitimate expression that cannot be copied without consent, unless an explicit exception applies, and ideas and concepts that can be freely re-used by anyone without consent, payment, or restrictions.