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Canadian Government Undertaking Industry Consultations on Cryptography Export Permit Process

July 21st, 2010

The Export Controls Division of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (ECD) has launched another consultation with industry regarding the control of encryption goods and technology for export or transfer from Canada. This comes on the heels of earlier consultations on the mass market exemption launched in March of this year and further described at Canadian Government Launches Consultations on Encryption Controls (March 2010).

Canada, as a Participating State of the Wassenaar Arrangement, controls cryptography under Category 5, Group 1 of its Export Control List. The threshold for control is relatively low — e.g., cryptography having a symmetric algorithm employing a key length exceeding 56 bits. Those seeking to export or transfer from Canada covered goods, software and related technology employing cryptography must apply for and obtain a permit for destinations other than the United States.

Canadian Government Launches Consultations on Encryption Controls

March 10th, 2010

Earier this week, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s Export Controls Division (ECD) launched its “Consultation on the International Interpretations of the Wassenaar Arrangement Cryptography Note by Wassenaar Arrangement Participating States.” These consultations will be of particular significance for companies engaged in the export or transfer from Canada of encryption goods, software or technology or items that have been designed or modified to use or work with encryption.