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New Permit for Exports and Technology Transfers to EU Plus Five Countries

February 3rd, 2011

On February 2, 2011, Canada’s Export Controls Division (ECD) announced the availability of a new multidestination export permit for the export or transfer of information security goods and technology to the countries of the European Union (except Cyprus) and Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland.

Canadian exporters of encryption-related items have been facing significant challenges with transfers of these items from Canada and have been expressing concerns regarding the impact of these controls on their competitive position in the international marketplace.

Canadian Government Undertaking Industry Consultations on Cryptography Export Permit Process

July 21st, 2010

The Export Controls Division of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (ECD) has launched another consultation with industry regarding the control of encryption goods and technology for export or transfer from Canada. This comes on the heels of earlier consultations on the mass market exemption launched in March of this year and further described at Canadian Government Launches Consultations on Encryption Controls (March 2010).

Canada, as a Participating State of the Wassenaar Arrangement, controls cryptography under Category 5, Group 1 of its Export Control List. The threshold for control is relatively low — e.g., cryptography having a symmetric algorithm employing a key length exceeding 56 bits. Those seeking to export or transfer from Canada covered goods, software and related technology employing cryptography must apply for and obtain a permit for destinations other than the United States.

Export Controls Alert: Canada’s Response to Liberalization of Controls on Ancillary Encryption

June 18th, 2010

Canadian controls over the export or transfer of goods, software and technology containing or designed to work with encryption continue to present challenges for Canadian companies. Export permits must be applied for and obtained in order to export information security items or transfer any related technology from Canada to destinations other than the United States. Canada’s Export Control List identifies the goods and technology covered by these requirements and imposes a very low threshold of control — encryption with key lengths in excess of 64 bits (in the case of symmetric algorithms). Further, the available exemptions for mass market items and technology and software in the public domain may only be relied upon in very limited circumstances.